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MEF introduces U.S. Participation TV Code of Practice


The Mobile Entertainment Forum launched its U.S. Participation TV Code of Practice, offering a set of guidelines to govern services enabling viewers to interact with television programming via mobile device. The code, which the MEF said was created following a series of industry-wide consultations and meetings, is intended as a response to procedural errors that have hampered P-TV efforts in other international markets--e.g. entries accepted for votes or competitions after the official closing time due to latency issues with capacity, as well an absence of pricing transparency and related consumer confusion. The MEF P-TV Code promises a practical framework on issues such as pricing, refunds and procedural management, offering a framework to develop viewer-friendly applications complete with mechanisms for refunds as well as bolstering assurances of consumer protection.

"Interactivity with services is one of the most exciting developments for consumers and the industry," said MEF Americas chairman Ted Cohen in a prepared statement. "Today, millions of consumers interact with television shows using their mobile phone, fixed-line and Internet. In the future consumers will be interacting with shows broadcast directly to their handsets. To ensure the successful and safe growth of the P-TV industry, it was vital that the industry came together and put in place self-regulatory measures. This is precisely what the MEF P-TV Code does."

For more on the MEF P-TV Code:
- read this release

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