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Policy Guidelines

MEF Mobile Content Policy Guidelines

As a MEF Member you can access expert legal briefings/’how to’ guides on key mobile content policy.  These guides are designed to provide members concise information on regulation codes of practice and advise on their effective implementation.  The guides are written with the assistance of renowned legal experts from MEF member companies and will give you both a good understand of the code and facilitate more focused discussions with your own legal representative.

Current guidelines available are as follows:

CAP/BCAP Code Guide (in association with Denton Wilde Sapte)
PpP Guide to Phone-Paid Services (in association with Denton Wilde Sapte)
Audiovisual Media Services (AVMS) Guide (in association with Denton Wilde Sapte)
Byron Review (in association with Denton Wilde Sapte)
Unfair Commercial Practices Guide (in association with Denton Wilde Sapte)
Sweepstakes Promotions Interactive Map (in association with MasurLaw)
EU Telecoms Reform Package
Participation TV Code of Best Practice for the US and Accompanying Statement 

Third Party Policy Guidelines

These reports are not produced or ratified by MEF however the content is relevant for many companies within the mobile entertainment value chain so have provided access to them here for your benefit.

UK Guidelines to prevent contactless M-Payment Fraud
The UK Home Office released guidelines on 28 August outlining security measures for contactless mobile payments. The Home Office worked with the mobile phone and banking industry to develop the guidelines.

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