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Ofcom Scope Review (UK focused but international implications)

Terms of reference of the Ofcom review of regulation for premium rate services (PRS) in the UK are currently in the public domain.

Ofcom will, later this year, be considering whether the current UK PRS regulations meet the needs of consumers whilst supporting an innovative and growing PRS industry.

The issues Ofcom intends to address as part of the review of scope include:

  • The clarity of pricing in PRS and the impact on consumer trust and confidence
  • The mechanics of consumer redress in the PRS sector
  • The ability of the current regulatory regime to new and emerging services
  • The effective application of a regulation across the PRS value chain
  • The feasibility of a service provider registration scheme and its benefits for regulation and
  • Any overlap between ICSTIS’ role and that of other regulators and consumer protection bodies

The scope of this review is enormous and is likely to affect every aspect of PRS regulation in the UK and beyond. As the UK regulatory model is emulated throughout the World, it is vital that we start to seriously consider how we want the regulations in the UK to apply to mobile entertainment services paid for by PRS. MEF has already begun discussions with both Ofcom and the DTI. It is of greater benefit to the mobile entertainment PRS industry to submit informal views to Ofcom on the above areas to help shape their thinking before they formally consult later this year.

The Terms of reference for the Ofcom review can be found at:

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