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Webinar - PhonepayPlus Registration Scheme Consultation - 6 May 2010


Who should join this webinar?
Anyone who sits within the UK premium rate service value chain or has an interest in entering the UK Premium Rate market.

The implementation of a Registration Scheme means that anyone involved in operating, advertising or providing content for premium rate services will need to register with PhonepayPlus, no matter where they sit in the value chain. Registration will be mandatory for any party wishing to operate within this market.

This is your chance to find out what the implementation of this Registration Scheme will mean to you and to put your questions directly to the Regulator.


  • Simon Bates, Director of Standards and Communications at PpP, will explain the objectives, principles, governance and cost of the Registration Scheme
  • Suhail Bhat, MEF Director of Policy & Initiatives will address the importance of these proposals for MEF Members and how to respond to the PhonepayPlus Registration Scheme Consultation

On 13 April, and in advance of the Consultation on its full Code, PpP published an interim consultation on its Premium Rate Services Registration Scheme. The deadline for responses to this consultation was 25 May 2010.

The objectives of such a scheme include:

  • to identify and hold information on all PRS providers
  • to provide businesses with a better understanding about the regulatory risk of partnering with other providers
  • to allow PpP to enforce the new Code effectively and efficiently, to ensure that repeat offenders are readily identifiable
  • to provide consumers and providers with an effective premium rate number checking facility

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