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Live Workshop - PhonepayPlus New Code Consultation - 19 May

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MEF has held an interactive 30 Member strong workshop at Denton Wilde Sapte's London offices. Members were given a unique opportunity to discuss some of the key changes contained in the new draft Code of Practice, which has recently been put forward for consultation by PpP.

The following are available for Members:
PpP slidedeck presentation
Explanatory Guide to the new Code - by Denton Wilde Sapte

On hand from PpP to explain the proposals were Bradley Brady - Director of Strategy & Stakeholder Relations, Simon Bates - Director of Standards and Communications and Mark Collins - Policy Advisor. Discussion topics included:

  • New terminology for each of the different parties in the PRS value chain;
  • The reattribution of regulatory responsibility between those parties;
  • Proposals for a new mandatory registration database; and
  • Revised "outcome-based" protection for consumers under the new Code.

The proposals set out by PpP represent substantial changes for the way in which the UK Premium Rate market is currently regulated. The Code consultation is open until 8 July 2010 and MEF will continue to work with its Members to determine the impact of the proposed changes on the UK PRS industry. MEF will be submitting a consensus response in collaboration with its Members.

In addition to the Code consultation, PpP has issued a separate interim consultation to ask whether to proceed with the creation of the registration database. Given that there is an extremely slim chance that Ofcom might not approve the 12th Code, PpP is seeking confirmation from the industry on whether to proceed with the design of the registration database now or wait for the Code consultation to be completed first. The deadline for comments on the PpP interim Consultation is 25 May 2010 and MEF will be formulating a consensus response on behalf of its Members.

Why this matters to you

The UK Premium Rate Sector is set for a wholesale change as PhonepayPlus (PpP), the UK Premium Rate Regulator, consults on a new Code of Practice.

The proposals will impact on all parties in the premium rate value chain, irrespective of where they sit, if they have any involvement in the promotion, operation or provision of premium rate content or services.

Understanding how the proposals will affect you is key to ensuring continued compliance.

Get Involved

This is your chance to get involved in the discussion and help to shape the future of regulation of the mobile media sector.

Please contact either Suhail or Miranda to get involved or with any comments or questions you may have about the new draft PpP Code.

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