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PhonepayPlus Industry Liaison Panel (ILP)
MEF sits on the Industry Liaison Panel (ILP), which is an advisory panel formed of representatives from different trade bodies. It meets on a quarterly basis to identify emerging trends and issues, facilitate a two-way communication between the industry and PhonepayPlus (PpP), the agency which regulates UK premium rate services on behalf of Ofcom. PpP shares its Quarterly Performance Reports with the ILP which can be found below.

MEF also sits on the Premium Rate Services Working Group, a subset of the main membership of the ILP. This working group meets prior to each full ILP and is tasked with considering and representing the industry in matters relating to premium rate regulation in the UK, including the current Ofcom Premium Rate Scope Review and PhonepayPlus 12th Code Consultation.

The ILP exists to ensure regulation is well informed though early sharing of concerns, information, ideas and proposals from both sides. We therefore invite members for input on any areas of UK telecoms or premium rate regulation that they would like MEF to raise with the ILP on their behalf.

The minutes from previous ILP meetings can be found here.

PpP Quarterly Reports
To download the Quarterly Reports please click here.

Dates of the next ILP meetings
12 July 2011
15 November 2011
13 December 2011 (Budget Meeting)

PhonepayPlus ILP Terms of Reference can be found here.

If there is anything you would like us to raise on your behalf, please add your comments below:

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