MEF events A roundup of events in the mobile entertainment industry. Fri, 09 Jan 2009 15:21:38 GMT Third Annual Leadership Music Digital Summit This all-day conference is dedicated to the important business, legal and creative issues the ever-changing digital landscape presents to the music industry. Geared specifically to the music business and creative side (to those who control content) the day-long event will feature conference sessions on intellectual property, licensing, social networking and new gadget show-and-tell, among other topics. Last year's event attracted dozens of national authorities and nearly 500 attendees.

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3GSM World Congress The 3GSM World Congress is the largest event for the mobile industry in the world, attracting mobile operators, technology providers and content owners from around the world, making it a key meeting place for global industry players.

14 Feb 2007 Morning Keynote Session:
How mobile can be the next great information and entertainment channel

MEF Speaker: Ralph Simon, MEF Americas Chairman Emeritus & Founding Chair, Americas


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The MEF Party at 3GSM The 3GSM World Congress attracts mobile operators, technology providers and content owners from around the world, making it a key meeting place for global industry players.

The event is for members only. Full members can sign up a maximum of four company representatives, Associate members a maximum of two representatives.

(Members will be receiving an email shortly instructing them how to sign up for the party.)

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CTIA Wireless 2007 Global event representing the wireless industry and brining together all industries affected by wireless technology.

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NATPEMOBILE+++ NATPEMOBILE+++ Las Vegas, USA, 15 January, 2007


NATPE 2007 (15-18 Jan) is the world's first and America's largest conference and marketplace solely dedicated to television content. NATPE Mobile++ (15 Jan) provided a full day program with sessions and discussions focused on new revenue opportunities for content creators in the mobile and digital arena.

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MIDEM 2007 The biggest event  in the calendar for music business executives from around the world takes place in Cannes each January. This is where the music industry heads to sign deals, watch showcases, soak up the debate and punish their expense accounts in the parade of exclusive 5* hotels. MidemNet Forum (20-21 January 2007) which takes place the weekend before Midem, focuses on the ever growing digital and mobile opportunities.


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Mobile Advertising Mobile Marketing and Advertising 2007

Exploring the new revenue stream's potential for the entire value chain


16-17 January 2007, Millenium Hotel, Paris Opera, France


Welcome Speech
MEF Speaker(s): Patrick Parodi, Chairman, MEF

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CTIA Wireless, MEF Networking Party MEF Americas hosted an exclusive, invitation-only networking party at CTIA Wireless IT & Entertainment. Featuring a DJ from renowned radio station KCRW, masseurs and a tarot card reader, it was the ultimate spot to escape the noise of the conference and mingle amongst the power players in mobile entertainment.

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MEF Europe Launch 1, Ad Funded Mobile Entertainment Summary of MEF Europe Launch, 23 November 2006,Paris

Video blog link:

Around a hundred industry professionals turned out on a damp Parisian evening to attend the launch of MEF Europe at the offices of Denton Wilde Sapte

Interim Chairman, Gerard Grech of Orange-FT, welcomed attendees and Patrick Parodi, MEF global Chair, set the scene for the evening with a brief summary of the recent MEF survey on Ad-Funded Mobile Entertainment. Thomas Husson of Jupiter then gave an overview of some forthcoming research and highlighted the potential dangers of ?turning off? the consumer with intrusive mobile advertising.

Switching to French for the mainly local audience, LCI TV?s seasoned presenter and journalist, Thomas Blard, then chaired a debate on ad-funded mobile entertainment with the following panelists: Eric Daugan (Warner Music), Thomas Husson (Jupiter), Marc Montaldier (Orange-FT), Patrick Parodi (MEF/Amobee) and Jerome Wagner (Maje Media). To view the discussion in full go to the video blog link above.

Much of the discussion surrounded business models and the need for new formats that will personalise and contextualise advertising on the mobile medium. While ad-funded models have great potential to boost content consumption on mobile there are still hurdles to overcome: 3G phone coverage, pricing for mobile internet access, off-deck charges and creating a seamless end-user experience, to name but a few.

The conclusion: a nascent yet promising market but no real consensus on when the current tests between operators, advertisers, media companies and content providers will provide a commercial return.

Attendees, who included telcos, media companies, aggregators, lawyers, VCs as well as a few blog enthusiasts, then had a chance to mingle, enjoy the ?cocktail? and swap business cards ? none of them seemed in a particular hurry to leave??

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MEF Europe Event 2, Mobile Payments on the Move ?Mobile Payments on the Move? was the subject for the MEF Europe event in Amsterdam on 7 December.  Informa?s Dan Winterbottom shared the results of a recent survey on the consumer?s attitude towards using their phone as a virtual wallet.  Judging from the results, it seems education will be needed to overcome a certain lack of enthusiasm towards conducting financial transactions on your mobile, although unsurprisingly consumers were ?very interested? when it came to being notified via their mobiles of any fraudulent transactions on their account.  Whether there will be any encouragement from the technology side, such as there was in the adoption of camera phones, remains to be seen.

Dick Hoogland of Logica gave a presentation on the benefits of change and Erik Eising gave an insight into the latest results from payment trials being conducted by KPN Mobile in Amsterdam. 

During the Q&A session, several questions were raised about security ? perhaps given the consumer?s adoption of internet banking, there is less work to be done to convince them on security issues?  On the subject of privacy, there was agreement that an opt-in basis for any messages pushed to mobile users was an absolute necessity.

So who will lead the field in offering financial services to mobile users?  Will operators chose to get banking licences (following the likes of Vodafone) or will the banks beat them to it via their own MVNO offerings ? among the audience were representatives from Rabo Mobile, the mobile operation recently established by local Dutch bank, Rabo.

After the session there was a chance to network and a demonstration by KPN of their mobile payment system in a neighbouring food outlet: since introducing the new system just 3 weeks ago, the restaurant has reported that payment times have halved.  In a busy food chain which relies on a fast turnover, this is an ?appetizing? prospect for all concerned.

(Copies of Informa presentation available to members on request)

 Above (l-r): Erik Eising (KPN); Dan Winterbottom (Informa), Sarah Roberts (MEF) & event organizer GJ Konijnenberg (Comsys)

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