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MEF launches a unique local initiative on mobile social networking

Social networking initiatives planned in Europe, US and Asia to address market differences and opportunities

London, 15 May 2008: The Mobile Entertainment Forum (MEF) announced the next stage of its mobile social networking initiative launching simultaneously in France, India, Italy, UK and the USA focusing on revenue generation, business models and consumer protection.

In 2006, MEF and Informa forecast that the mobile communities and user generated content market globally would be worth US$13.2billion by 2011 with photo and chat-based services being the top revenue generators. According to MEF’s recent membership survey, the global phenomenon of social networking tops the industry’s agenda with nearly 60% of MEF members identifying it in a recent member survey as a top priority. By localising the initiative, MEF will develop best practices for different territories vital for meeting local market conditions which are controlled by local regulatory standards. Each country will have 3 full MEF members leading the initiative and will generate its own project plan, schedule of deliverables and communications outreach.

Marco Argenti, MEF Vice Chair commented: “According to Universal McAnn, around 275 million internet users manage a profile on a social network at least once a month. MEF’s goal is to ensure that the mobile entertainment industry understands how to offer mobile social networks that provide a good user experience and ensure revenue generation within a safe environment for consumers.” 

Gerard Grech, MEF EMEA Chair, added: “Our members realise that the mobile device is the perfect social networking platform. This initiative provides a framework upon which the industry can base forward-looking business decisions and plan long term growth. The importance of mobile social networks is reflected in this year’s Meffys special recognition award which went to the founders of UPOC for the creation of the first mobile community.”

For more information on the initiative, please contact Suhail Bhat



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