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Coming of Age

NewMediaAge interviewed key mobile players on their views on how far the industry has come since GSM was established 20 years ago (NMA 20.09.07)

Rimma Perelmuter, Executive Director, Mobile Entertainment Forum

The mobile has managed to single-handedly satisfy our insatiable appetite for instant gratification. It connects us to the outside world, reflects our individual personalities and entertains us wherever and whenever we like. Its ubiquitous and highly personalised nature has made it an essential and precious possession.

While the medium has evolved considerably, mobile entertainment has yet to fully come of age. Most importantly, the industry needs to ensure that it's providing content and services the consumer wants and can easily enjoy. A quality user experience is key.

Search is a critical factor as more entertainment becomes available. It enables consumers to find and purchase content on the move and for providers to generate additional revenue.

As with any emerging media, the business models for the mobile entertainment industry are still evolving. How do we charge for content? Should we offer ad funding? How do we ensure consumer confidence? Which types of metrics will get advertisers excited about mobile? How do we protect and manage rights? These questions highlight the need for more clarity around business models, good policy and regulation.

Regardless of this, the mobile entertainment industry has matured in leaps and bounds, and will continue to do so. The future looks bright as big hitters in the entertainment and advertising industries come on board and business models prove their success. Already we're seeing how the personal nature of mobile can be used to boost content services, encourage social networking and achieve one-to-one advertising.

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