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3GSM World Congress 2006 press coverage

MEF representatives were interviewed and quoted extensively in some of the leading media outlets throughout the week of 3GSM World Congress 2006:





16 February 2006

Matt Cowen interviews the chairs of MEF and MEF Americas, Patrick Parodi and Ralph Simon, together with board director Gerard Grech for a mobile entertainment special:


20 February 2006

MEF Chair Patrick Parodi asks when paid-for advertising will impact the funding of mobile, “Every other media in the world has a certain level that is paid for by advertising, when is that going to happen here?”

Financial Times online

16 February 2006

In a round-up of world congress, Patrick Parodi states that video shortcodes need to be harmonised before mobile video downloads can reach their full potential.


20 February 2006

Mark Halper looks at how heavyweight entertainment brands such as Hollywood and Disney are embracing mobile and seeks industry comment from MEF.

Music Week online

15 February 2006

MEF Americas Chair, Ralph Simon, cites music as a key content driver for 2006.

Wireless Business Review

20 February 2006

WBR looks at the future of mobile music beyond ringtones.

“Record labels are beginning to understand that mobile is a completely new distribution model and not just a cross promotional offering for the existing retail model,” comments MEF chair Parodi.

Wireless World

16 February 2006

MEF’s strategic partnership with M:Metrics to deliver tailored mobile entertainment data to its members is announced.

Rimma Perelmuter, MEF Executive Director: “This is the first regular, structured information resource offered to the industry to help track trends in the consumption of mobile entertainment.”





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