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As a MEF member, you can become a part of this unique networking tool. By opting in to this feature, you will have exclusive access to the MEF membership community where you can interact, share views and extend your business contacts.

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You can connect to other members using the criteria listed and then by inputing a search term. Alternatively, you can select an activity/area of interest (or multiple activities) from the dropdown menu and search for contacts who share your interests / business activities

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Below is a random selection of profiles taken from our system.

Company: Go Jeego!
Name: Christina Hadden
Job title: Financial Controller
Activities: Content

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Company: Zed Group
Name: Javier Devega
Job title: Corporate Affairs Coordinator
Activities: Content,Mobile TV,Gambling,Adult,Communities,User-Generated,Advertising

Get Connected with Javier Devega >

Company: MEF
Name: Karen Allen
Job title: General Manager, MEF Americas

Get Connected with Karen Allen >

Company: Buongiorno
Name: Matteo Montan
Job title: Head of Global Mobile Unit
Activities: Aggregator

Get Connected with Matteo Montan >

Company: Direct2 Mobile
Name: Nick Lane
Job title: Chief Researcher/Writer
Activities: Communities

Get Connected with Nick Lane >

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