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BUONGIORNO is a trendsetting, independent mobile media and technology company driving the burgeoning cellphone entertainment and personalization industry. It partners with telecom, media and Internet companies in over 30 countries to distribute, package and create music, games, videos, wallpaper, ringtones, chat, user-generated services, TV voting, quizzes, and to sell advertising.

BUONGIORNO helps companies market through proprietary labels, and sells directly through its popular Blinko brand. It distributes across the U.S., Europe, South America and Mexico, the Middle East, Africa and through BUONGIORNO Hong Kong – joint venture with Mitsui, in Russia, India, the Far East and China. Its reach is already exceeding 60 million customers. The dimension of its business, its large portfolio of content and services, its geographical presence and a team of more than 700 professionals make BUONGIORNO one of the world’s largest enabler of digital mobile entertainment.


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