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Formed by a team of professionals with extensive technical knowledge and experience in computer telephony and the telecommunications industry, Micro Ocean Technologies Sdn Bhd, Malaysia (founded in 2003) is a premier provider of mobile data solutions. Micro Ocean performs software development, implementation, commissioning, operations support, consultation and turnkey provisioning of telecommunications solutions.Micro Ocean's comprehensive portfolio of mobile data solutions enable the seamless delivery of messages, premium content and value-added services across carriers, content providers, mobile marketing partners, media and entertainment companies worldwide.

Micro Ocean specialized in Mobile Value-Added Solutions, e.g. SMSC, SMS Routers and Gateways, SMS Firewall, USSD Gateway, EIR, Welcome SMS Solution, Miss-Call-Alert Notification, Text-Ad Insert Solutions, Mobile Content Management Platform, etc.

Besides that, Micro Ocean also develop customized solutions based on specific requirements from Mobile Operators and Service providers, as the team has in-depth knowledge and experience in Telco SS7 network and SIGTRAN protocol.

In October 2004, Micro Ocean was awarded the prestigious MSC Status Company by the Malaysia Government in recognition of the company's innovation and R&D effort.


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