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Sidebar is led by a highly accomplished team of executives with proven track records in the mobile, media and entertainment industries. Sidebar is funded by private equity investors experienced in the wireless sector.

Sidebar offers intelligent mobile merchandising solutions for carriers, platform operators and storefront owners that take their mobile experiences to the next level.

The company’s proprietary Smart Menu™ platform and Smart Messaging™ SMS tool enables businesses to deliver truly personalized content recommendations and marketing messages that are unique to each customer and therefore increase revenue. Simply put, they have a dynamic personalization engine that learns what people want and delivers it to them. The company recently announced a partnership with Indiagames in India and deploying with a large carrier in South America.

Patrick Kennedy, CEO has worked closely with the Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore as a strategic advisor to their Digital Marketplace Programme.  Since 2008, he has provided market analysis and technology strategy consulting to the Digital Marketplace Programme and has been a founding member of the Digital Marketplace Industry Forum.

Sidebar is headquartered in Santa Monica, California (USA) and is focused on expanding its business operations throughout Asia Pacific.


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