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Movile is the result of the merger of the two most experienced and innovative mobile product and service companies in Brazil. Our goal is to create the largest mobile services provider in the country, with a global footprint. Movile has a complete portfolio and a structure capable of delivering high-complexity mobility projects for different markets, meeting the increased demand for companies with a technology and network structure. The company was born with more than 130 employees, connected to all the phone companies in Brazil and Mexico, and has offices in São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Campinas and Mexico City. The Brazilian market requires companies capable of providing end-to-end the complex management and distribution of mobile products and services. Movile was created to offer the end customers, carriers and other companies a complete portfolio of mobile services, distinguished by its capacity to structure and profit from large-scale services.

Our products

Our products include everything from applications for end users to comprehensive solutions for corporate customers. Regarding the consumer market we can point out SMS-based interactivity and games, mobile portals (WAP), downloads and WEB 2.0 services, where community members can create their own content using their cell phone, be it SMS, songs, videos or even in chat rooms on TV. The corporate market services include field team automation – under the Dispara brand (, already known by large national companies – and mobile portals and mobile e-mail.


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