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The Abril Group is one of the biggest and most influential communication groups in Latin America, providing information, culture, education and entertainment for practically every sector of the population, and integrated in an array of other media platforms.

From its beginnings in 1950, the reputation and credibility of Abril has been its most valuable asset. The Group employs, today, 7,000 people, and is comprised of the following companies: Editora Abril (publications), Abril Digital ( and Abril no Celular), MTV (segmented TV), TVA (strategic partnership with Telefônica), as well as Abril Educação (Ática and Scipione Publishers). It has the largest graphics department in all of Latin America, with the most efficient database marketing, subscription and distribution services.

Abril published more than 300 titles in 2008 and is the leader in 22 of 26 of the segments in which it operates. Its publications had, throughout the year, a circulation of 179.2 million copies, in a universe of 27.9 million readers and 4 million subscriptions. Seven of the ten magazines most read in the country are from Abril - VEJA , the third largest weekly informational magazine in the world, and the largest outside of the United States.

Abril Digital is the branch of the Group responsible for Abril's new digital business and developing products, contents and services in platforms and in formats that surpass expectations of this new public.

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