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Synergy World, Inc was established in 1995 and is based in San Diego, CA. Synergy has assisted merchants in improving their customer centricity, through the use of innovative customer loyalty solutions delivered through state of the art technology platforms.  Synergy’s depth of experience spans across the entire customer value chain, with specialization in customized loyalty programs and gift card and reward card processing.  Synergy’s  innovative loyalty programs have helped businesses attract new customers, create customer loyalty, and encourage word of mouth referrals – the key drivers to increased revenue. 

Synergy’s loyalty programs are customized for each business, thus assuring the right solution for specific merchant needs.   Synergy also offers merchants a complete cardless loyalty solution allowing customers to use their phone number as their loyalty number.  Synergy has recently filed a patent on an innovative and revolutionary word-of-mouth loyalty program that encourages, tracks and compensates customers and employees for word of mouth referrals. 

Synergy also integrates with Mobile Media companies helping track the effectiveness of their Mobile Campaigns through real-time tracking of Mobile offers through Point of Sale systems.



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