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Based in Cologne, Germany, Venista is running operations in 14 countries and has expanded its customer base far beyond, with users in all parts of the world on its mobile web portal mjoy. With its various operations under the brands w2mobile, mjoy and GTX messaging, Venista is a partner of trust for companies and consumers alike.

Venista was founded in 2004 and quickly became a leading marketer of high quality mobile content and services. Reaching beyond its core activities in entertainment, Venista today offers premium mobile connectivity with GTX messaging and optimized user experience on mjoy.

As the web is getting mobile, Venista is mobilizing with mjoy. Venista’s mjoy is an open wap portal that will be the base for a growing number of activities to guarantee customers worldwide the most advanced experience in entertainment, benefit, and value. mjoy is offering an unlimited free SMS service to anyone with a mobile handset.

Venista has also established its brand GTX messaging to enhance global connectivity. With GTX messaging, business customers find reliable SMS routes to any destination worldwide. GTX messaging also is the backbone of Venista’s own SMS messaging operations on mjoy.

With mjoy and GTX messaging, Venista is continuing to broaden its activities. Venista guarantees content optimization for the whole variety of mobile phones.


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