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Creating Total Mobile Experiences

Today´s mobile consumers demand a diverse yet more personalized array of content delivered in an engaging, user-friendly experience.

But device fragmentation and rising costs have prevented operators, content providers, developers and device manufacturers from delivering what their customers want.
It´s time for a new approach.

Qualcomm Internet Services (QIS) is poised to overcome these obstacles, transforming traditional business models and creating new opportunities by facilitating the transition from mobile voice and data to mobile content and experiences. Our customers can now deliver a total mobile consumer experience – where everything you can do in the wire-line world meets everything you can only do wirelessly.

As the mobile ecosystem undergoes radical change, we need to collaborate and innovate to provide the most compelling customer experience and capture the imaginations of subscribers.QIS is dedicated to helping our customers work and win together in this evolving mobile environment, maximizing the investments you´ve already made in your infrastructure and services. We offer secure, stable and scalable solutions that are deployable across any network, any platform or device type and are based on Qualcomm's unparalleled mobility experience and technological expertise.


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