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Ring Plus is a free-spirited telephone community in which we all interact in an environment of trust, honesty, and respect. We offer innovative advertisement space, and information & telecommunication services. Our goal is to provide unlimited free-calling to the world.

We are leaders of Ring Back Tone Replacement technology. Our company integrates the most unique and modern communication options for effective and targeted advertisement. Since 2001, Ring Plus and its parent company PromoTel have been using technology owned, developed and patented by us to create value and satisfaction for Ring Plus customers.

Ring Plus was formed in 2006, and it is a wholly owned subsidiary of its parent company PromoTel (collectively the "Company"). The Company founder and CEO, Karl Seelig invented the Ring-Back Signal Replacement technology in 1997, and has received two U.S. Patents protecting this intellectual property (U.S. Patents Nos. 7,006,608 and 7,227,929). He also filed several pending and provisional US patent applications concerning related technologies. Mr. Seelig has transferred all of his patents and applications to the Company for its use and licensing.

In 2001, our Company was the first in the world to develop a functional prototype for Ring Back Signal Replacement, and we own the most advanced and user-friendly patented technology for Ring Back Signal Replacement.


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