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Ontario Media Development Corporation (OMDC) is an agency of the Government of Ontario. OMDC’s mandate is to build Ontario’s cultural industries’ capacity and competitiveness. Through tax credits, programs and services for the film and television, book and magazine publishing, music and interactive digital media industries, OMDC maximizes opportunities for growth and innovation in Ontario and abroad. Ontario’s cultural industries contribute over $6.7 billion annually to the economy and generate more than 36,000 highly skilled jobs.

OMDC’s mission is to:

  • Boost Ontario’s economy by stimulating jobs and investment in cultural industries
  • Promote and market Ontario’s cultural industries
  • Stimulate creative home-grown original content and production
  • Promote new models of collaboration and competition among the cultural industries
  • Provide expertise for the commercial promotion of cultural industries in Ontario
  • Act as a catalyst and resource for information and research
  • Oversee and co-administer the Ontario government’s cultural media tax credits

Ontario is home to more than half of Canada’s cultural media products. OMDC continually seeks out new ways to facilitate and foster the industries’ own entrepreneurial spirit, providing the research, resources and contacts to stimulate the creation of new products, new projects and new companies.



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