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Geodesic is a leading provider of mobile and desktop value added services (VAS).  Its award-winning solutions span the Web, desktop and mobile to meet wireless carriers’ and handset manufacturers’ varying needs for mobile services that satisfy users’ demands for innovative, interoperable solutions, helping them differentiate from others and establishing new revenue streams.  For content providers, Geodesic increases customer stickiness and revenues with its community-building expertise that bridges consumers’ ability to connect the desktop with mobile phones for a seamless experience of accessing an online portal or sharing content at social networking sites.  Its proven track record of working with leading carriers, handset manufacturers and content providers throughout Europe and Asia makes Geodesic an invaluable strategic partner. Geodesic’s mix of innovative products and high performance solutions has driven the company to profit from its first year of business.  The company is listed on the National Stock Exchange and Bombay Stock Exchange in India. Geodesic has offices in Mumbai and Bangalore in India, USA (Silicon Valley), UK, Sweden, Mauritius, Germany and Hong Kong. 



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