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Mira Networks is one of Africa's most exciting technology companies, and recognised as a leading provider of connectivity and billing tools between business and mobile networks - a business service described as aggregation.
Started in 2003 with a South African focus on connectivity, currently leading the market, it has expanded its operations into 13 other territories, supplying key clients with local connectivity and accurate billing.
Technologically, Mira has built its robust mobile aggregation layer over five years and successfully provisioned  low-level connectivity services to some of Africa's largest institutions, and Europe‚Äôs largest content suppliers.
Mira provides platform and message bearer services (SMS, USSD and OBS and MT Billing) to key players within the mobile technology sector including international and local application service providers, web and mobile content developers, third party integrators and even a few competitors. This reflects an industry endorsement of Mira's reputation for excellent connectivity across all bearers with the best reliability, value for money and customer support on offer.



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