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mBlox is the world's largest mobile transaction network. Focused exclusively on the commercial and technical complexities of mobile payment and message transmission, mBlox is in the business of connecting companies with their customers.

mBlox maintains a unique position in the mobile value chain, as the only company to focus its resources on the commercial and technical complexities of mobile billing and SMS message delivery. Why is this focus so significant? Because your mobile business is too important to be our secondary concern.

The high level of service that mBlox offers clients relies on the close working relationships we have formed with mobile operators. The result of these relationships is that we can offer clients global reach at competitive prices.

The mBlox platform is architected to satisfy the scalability, reliability, availability and performance objectives of diverse messaging applications. mBlox services include:

• mBlox premium SMS - connections to mobile markets around the globe
• mBlox Mobile Terminated Services - Worldwide reach and a choice of delivery options
• mBlox BigTxt Mobile Originated Service - designed to manage various inbound requirements for reliable interaction with mobile users

mBlox is headquartered in London and San Francisco, with offices in Sydney, Singapore and throughout Europe. For further information please contact mBlox at +44 (0)20 8432 1260 or contact


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