The Global Voice of Mobile Entertainment logo is a brand new carrier independent mobile TV. We air our channels all over Europe, to all mobile devices with internet access.

The service consists of three technological parts which are:

  • Exclusively packed channels available on mobile devices world-wide:
    We air a lot of thematic channels such as Short Films & Animation, Home Videos & Hidden Cameras, Fashion & Celebrities, Beauty & Health, Science & Technology, Discovery & Travel, Auto & Vehicles, Lifestyle, Sport, Animals, Music, News all over Europe to all mobile devices with internet access.
  • Unique video-content (own or licensed) and the system of its monetization:
    We give everybody the opportunity to create their own channels, show their works to wide audience and earn money selling them to TOGO.TV users. We create professional community platform for the wide range of audience - industry professionals and professional consumers both.
  • Application for mobile devices. With this app you can:
    - watch free TV channels
    - subscribe for paid channels and watch them
    - purchase high-quality video clips by mean of downloading them to your mobile device
    - purchase mobile Video-on-Demand service
    - recharge your account

Why will the user spend money for the service? Because with this app user can:

  • download high- quality video
  • save clips on the mobile device
  • get access to paid channels
  • share fun with friends


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