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Flirtomatic is the first branded consumer service of Handmade Mobile Ltd.

Launched in 2006, Flirtomatic is a real time, high capacity, multimedia, messaging platform that currently has over 950,000 registered users, making it the UK's leading flirting service on the mobile and fixed line internet.

Targeted at young adults (75% of users are 18-30 years old), Flirtomatic enables users to flirt, meet new people and have fun anywhere, anytime. Basic usage is completely free. Users can discover members on the basis of their preferences, interests, location and other information stored in their user profile.

The service makes money through advertising and selling customers premium services. Customers buy 'Flirt Points' and spend them on extra fun such as sending virtual gifts, promoting themselves, and finding out exactly who has rated them. They are sending the equivalent of 1.5 million gifts a year.

On the advertising side, Flirtomatic offers banner advertising and deeper opportunities for brands to integrate to the service, i.e. Strongbow's free pint offer (users could send each other virtual pints of cider which could be turned into redeemable vouchers for a real pint) and the partnership with L'Oreal's Maybelline Lip Gloss, who sponsored Flirtomatic's Valentine's Supersnog.

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