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Hungama Mobile is a leading provider of mobile marketing applications with intrinsic expertise attached with mobile technology, communication & interactivity. It is also the largest aggregator of Bollywood content globally having access to over 35,000 music titles and 3,000 videos on a worldwide exclusive basis.

Since the time of it’s inception, Hungama Mobile has proved itself to be the undisputed leader in the industry. We have a reach over 65 million subscribers. Hungama Mobile short code 4646 has its footprint on all Mobile Service Providers in the country.

Hungama Mobile has devised brand activities for over 300 of the country's top brands across 20 industry categories. Our clients include SBI, UTI, ICICI, Big Bazaar, York, Coke, Cadbury, Axe and Disney to name a few. We help our clients capitalize on the unique benefits of these mobile and digital channels by conducting continuous and interactive dialogues with consumers anywhere, anytime.


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