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LiveWire Mobile is redefining mobile personalization—with a comprehensive suite of services is designed to empower your customers and fuel the success of your business. Our breakthrough ringback, full-track music, ringtone and video services bring an unmatched level of personalization to mobile communications. They provide operators with new subscription, content and advertising revenue opportunities. And they give subscribers the ability to create a unique mobile identity and mobile experience.

With the Infuse Personalization Platform, the Achieve Marketing Service, and an impressive array of mobile content, we have all the tools you need to succeed. The Infuse Platform is a powerful, end-to-end service delivery engine that provides you with an online storefront, content, promotions and billing capabilities. The Achieve Marketing Service delivers the right level of pre- and post-launch marketing support to help you attract and hold onto subscribers—by giving them reasons to keep using personalized services. And our expansive Content includes over 10 million assets, fully-matched catalogs and licensing agreements with both major and independent labels.


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