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  •  has competitive advertisement access to one of the biggest media groups in Turkey.
  • has exclusive partnership with ShowTV which is one of the biggest television network in Turkey.
  • also has partnership with TURKMEDYA (printed media group )
  • has reliable structured contracts with all GSM operators in Turkey
  •  is one of the biggest partner of Avea, Turkcell and Vodafone
  • creates extensive revenue among the VAS Services of the three GSM operators.
  • has many awards every year for “The best chat service” and “Best Service” in different categories by Turkcell
  • Turkven Private Equity invested % 50 in Retromedya
  • Retromedya has the unique know-how and capability to maximize profitability when launching new products and services
  • As part of its near-term growth plan, Retromedya intends to bring to market new products, enhance feature capabilities and offer additional services

    Products & Services

  • Aggregator and integrator services

  • Market leading chat service 

  • Over 22 million calls in IVR chat, integrated with SMS chat

  • Mobile gaming – D2C website

  • Customized mobile marketing solutions

  • Alert and subscription based services such as: news, sports and lifestyles

  • Exclusive partnership with SHOW TV Group, one of the biggest TV broadcast group.

  • Turkey’s first and biggest TV mobile entertainment/content platforms: FANFIRIFON and SHOWCEP

  • This year’s most anticipated and high-rated TV game show’s IVR: VAR MISIN YOK MUSUN?(DEAL OR NO DEAL)

  • Voting platform for most of the high rated international TV show formats: DANCING ON ICE, BIG BROTHER, SINGING WITH THE STARS, DANCING WITH THE STARS… etc.

  • Infotainment News Packages from the most reliable news sources: AKŞAM, SKYTURK, SHOW TV





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