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Blinck interacts with around 1 million consumers worldwide directly on their mobile phone daily. Our storefront reaches millions of people and consists of advertisements on over 135 TV stations, countless internet sites, and millions of mobile phones in 31 countries worldwide. Content owners, can generate revenue by reaching these masses 24/7 through our global network. We strongly believe in quality content, therefore quality content is what we advertise as we are a white labeled (non-branded) company.

Promotions take place via four different channels: television, internet, print and mobile phone. Through our proven mobile network we deliver mobile content and applications across the globe directly on the customers’ mobile phones. Our cross-carrier connectivity, premium billing and distribution expertise provide you with a powerful, high-quality and revenue-generating business. Our network is suitable for various content owners.

Music labels and/or distributors are able to, instead of advertising and selling via the traditional retail channels, use Blinck’s global promotion and distribution network to sell and deliver their ringtone, mp3, or real music files directly to the end-user on the mobile phone. This way the customer can buy and enjoy your music daily on his/her mobile phone.

The future is on the screen. The screen is the marketplace of the modern consumer of today and tomorrow. Blinck is a solid choice of partner with tremendous experience in selling content. Blinck can provide you with the marketing expertise, production of the commercials, and technical end-to-end infrastructure and billing, as well as detailed reporting.


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