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The Telecom Italia Group operates in all the sectors of advanced communication services, with business developed in fixed-mobile telecommunications and Internet, with the Telecom Italia, TIM, Alice and Virgilio brands; multimedia, television and news, with La7, MTV Italia and APCOM; in the office & systems solution sector, with Olivetti; and in research & development with Telecom Italia Lab.

Thanks to the integration of its platforms, and advanced and flexible network architecture and synergies between the Alice, TIM and Virgilio brands, Telecom Italia can now provide digital content that is accessible from different points of access and using different methods, favouring the dissemination of new communications models.

Telecom Italia is the Italian market leader in fixed and mobile communications, with a market share of 62% on fixed broadband and 39.4% on mobile lines, respectively. It is also the largest operator in broadband market, with almost 8 million customers (of which 6.6 million fixed retail and 1.6 million mobile).

Abroad, the Group is focused on Latin America and Europe. In Latin America, TIM Brasil is among the leading operators by number of mobile phone lines (33.8 mln), providing mobile telephone and convergent services.

In Europe, the Group is committed to the “European BroadBand” project, which includes HanseNet in Germany and BBNed in The Netherlands, offering broadband services with the Alice brand to 2.5 million customers.




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