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Shazam is the world’s leading mobile music discovery provider, enabling consumers to experience and share music with others across mobile devices and the internet. With more than 35 million end-users since the launch of its first mobile-specific service to help consumers discover new music, Shazam - with a music database of over 8 million songs - has created a new way for music lovers to connect to each other through their music tastes and preferences.

Headquartered in London England, Shazam’s solutions enhance the music strategies of more than 75 carriers across 60 markets globally, including AT&T, T-Mobile and Vodafone; and product differentiation for OEM’s such as Samsung and Motorola.

The Shazam Tag Chart, generated by the company’s mobile music recognition service, is constantly referenced by the music industry as a true indicator of market interest in pre-release material and a monitor of the hit potential of a track or artist.


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