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Our capacity for growth, improving our profitability, has been the key to overtaking the main international companies and positioning ourselves as the main operator by market capitalization. With more than 192 million customers, Telefónica already holds the third position in the telecommunications industry worldwide. That Telefónica’s presence in different countries generates employment and development is proven by the fact that it represents 1.8% of the GDP of those countries where it has a significant presence.

Talent and Information. Every day, more than 8,000 people transform ideas into progress. With a €2.0 billion investment in innovation, Telefónica is among the industry’s five most innovating companies.

People. Environment. Telefónica carries out it’s commitment to people through its values and Action Principles, encouraging sustainable development and equality of opportunity.

We want to improve people’s lives, enhance the development of businesses and contribute to the progress of the communities where we operate, providing them with innovative services based on communication and information technologies.

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