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SDC is a Swiss-based company with a global focus established in 1994 and is the leading DRM technology provider for mobile music services with customers like 3 UK; O2, SFR, T—Mobile, Telstra, Vodafone D2 and Telus Canada. It works alongside leading players in the DRM space to deliver the promise of mobile content distribution, including Sony BMG, Warner Music, EMI, Universal, AIM, Sun Microsystems, Siemens, MusiWave and Digital World Services AG. It is a member of the Open Mobile Alliance.

SDC offers a broad range of functionalities for using content in a protected fashion, e.g. copying songs between devices belonging to the same user (multi-device DRM), SIM BOUND DRM, super-distribution of content and the use of different authentication systems to identify the customer (multi-authentication DRM). SDC Java DRM can protect content stored in all major media formats.

SDC is a privately owned company headquartered in Basel, Switzerland.


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