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Welcome to the MEF!

We're very much looking forward to your active participation and thought leadership in helping to accelerate your mobile entertainment interests and the growth of the industry.

As a MEF member, you will be receiving periodic updates/newsletters on a host of activities that we are spearheading and actively participating in. In addition, we would encourage your input on any specific issues and/or activities you believe would benefit the membership and the industry.

MEF runs "initiatives" that form the basis for the Forum's activities for tackling the key challenges impeding the industry's progress and collaborating to resolve issues key to the future of the mobile entertainment industry and not being addressed effectively elsewhere. 

We invite you to consider joining MEF's active initiatives, including MEF's Smart Pipe Enablers, Mobile Video, Content Sales Reporting, Ad-funded Mobile Entertainment, Mobile Social Networking and Quality of Experience. We also are very inolved with industry policy makers in  the UK. US and other countires.   Please visit: our home page for more information.

Please note that MEF full members also have the opportunity to start their own initiatives, with the support of two other full member companies.

Please contact Suhail Bhat, MEF's Policy & Initiatives Director, for further information on policy and initiatives.

MEF members are encouraged to participate in all our events and Annual General Assemblies (AGMs). MEF hosts and supports a number of events in numerous regions throughout the year. All members are invited to attend our workshops, roundtables and networking events (free of charge) and are offered discounts on larger industry conferences that we support. We hold four AGMs per year (three regional ones and one global one) which give full members the opportunity to vote and run for our various boards, and give all members the opportunity to learn about the latest initiatives we are focusing on, participate in goal setting and network with fellow members.

As a MEF member, you also have the opportunity to enhance the visibility of your company via the MEF website. As you may know, the MEF website is a focal point for the mobile entertainment industry and receives significant traffic from a range of partners, investors and analysts.

Once your membership payment has been received, you can register online for a member log-in which you can then use to log in to your own personalised section of the website ('My MEF') where you will be able to:

  • Upload your company logo and profile to the MEF website
  • Add MEF's logo and weblink to your website
  • Invite your colleagues to join the MEF community and get their own passwords
  • Raise your profile and by posting your own news releases
  • View the latest industry news and access 'members-only' data, reports and statistics in the 'Market & Data' section

We hope you take advantage of all the member benefits offered to you and look forward to being an active member!

Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions regarding your membership.

Kind regards,

Kim Arazi
Member Relations Manager
Mobile Entertainment Forum

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