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Mobile Sweepstakes and Promotions: The Legal Landscape in the United States

Mobile Sweepstakes and promotions comprise a giant business worldwide, but growth has been stunted by inconsistent and conflicting laws and procedures.  MEF Americas has launched an initiative to address this problem and help grow the market.

As a first step for the initiative, MasurLaw has created the MOBILE SWEEPSTAKES RULES MAP SERIES, a series of interactive maps which summarizes what is required to launch a sweepstakes or promotion in each Americas territory. The MOBILE SWEEPSTAKES RULES MAP: US is now available for use by MEF Members. Similar maps covering Canada, Brazil and Mexico researched by leading firms in these regions are slated for release later this year.

Current benefits for the initiative include:

  • Establish a baseline of knowledge regarding the law to allow time with attorneys to be spent more effectively
  • Articulate basic guidelines for avoiding liability under gambling and lottery statutes
  • Outline disclosures required by the states when drafting official rules documents and advertisements
  • Provide bibliographies of relevant legal authority, including both case law and statutes

Members of the initiative are also evaluating the possibility of taking further steps to enable the growth of this market, including creating best practices guidelines.  We welcome your involvement!  Current initiative members include:

  • Steven Masur, Managing Director, MasurLaw
  • Gary Schwartz, CEO, Impact Mobile (MEF Americas Board Member)

For more information please contact:

Suhail Bhat
Policy and Initiatives Director

Mariya Smith
Member Benefits and Operations Manager
MEF N America

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