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MEF have partnered with the TM Forum who have taken our template and survey results detailed below and are developing a working model for CSR as part of their catalyst programme.  The work is being led by cVydia, Neteeza and Swisscom for TM Forum.  The first stage of this partnership culminated in a working demo at the TM Forum Management World, Orlando in December ’09 and we have made the slide presentation available here.

Initiative Background
The mobile entertainment industry is currently hampered by a wide range of formats in reporting mobile content sales, their associated metadata and consumer activity.

The content sales initiative addresses the need to establish best practices in reporting content sales, their associated metadata and consumer activity.

This is a global initiative with reporting being a requirement regardless of region and types of mobile content (music, video, games, personalisation, information, etc.).

As the first step, we undertook a global survey to see how the industry views the importance of content sales reporting and to assess what goals the initiative should prioritise.

The results of the survey have been used to help formulate a standard good practice template for content sales reporting at various conferences globally (MEF Live, CTIA, MeM, MEFCON)

View the Consultation Template
View the minutes from the CSR meeting held at CTIA, Sept 08
View the Project Plan for CSR

MEF initiatives are open to all MEF members. If you are interested in actively participating in this exciting new initiative and want to help shape its future development, please contact Suhail Bhat

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