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Reaching out to the advertising community to explore the opportunities for ad funded mobile content

Ad-funded Mobile Entertainment (AFME) presents an exciting opportunity to promote a wealth of mobile entertainment services to consumers. It also offers the advertising community a business model that can be targeted in a highly effective way.

In order to advance AFME, Alcatel and Amobee are leading this initiative to: outline growth opportunities for ad-funded mobile entertainment; introduce metrics, identify potential obstacles and  facilitate a dialogue between the mobile entertainment and advertising industries.

In April 2006, MEF ran a consultation survey with membership on Ad-Funded Mobile Entertainment. From the survey results, more than 80% of executives felt advertising was an growth opportunity and only 19% said it was disruptive, while none thought it was a threat that would decrease revenues. Good news also for consumers, as 81% of respondents expect successful advertising models to either cut mobile prices or provide free mobile content.

Find out how the new Audiovisual Media Services (AVMS) Directive will impact AFME.

This initiative has now formed two sub-groups - the fist looking at metrics and measurement.  In February 2008, MEF published its members-only Report (Written by independent analyst Direct2 Mobile) containing unique statistics outlining ME forecasts for the UK with service breakdowns. The Report defines and contextualises AFME and sets out how AFME, with mobile games and video in particular, is set to generate substantial revenues of £145m by 2012. Since then, MEF has produced similar reports for the US, France and India, South East Asia and Italy.

AFME UK Report
AFME US Report
AFME France Report
AFME India Report
AFME South East Asia Report
AFME Italy Report

The second group is advancing education projects such as developing a lexicon for AFME services to enable better understanding and extending outreach to the media community. MEF is developing an inventory for the different types of mobile content and examine how best these services can be ad-funded.

For more information, please contact: Suhail Bhat

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