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Mobile Video Initiative

The Mobile Entertainment Forum launched the mobile video initiative in response to requests from the industry the Mobile Video Initiative to study and find resolution for challenges faced by content owners, aggregators and carriers in delivering and merchandising video on the mobile platform.

MEF has held a series of meetings with Hollywood studios, content aggregators and TV networks to better understand the climate of mobile video. From these meetings, four main areas of focus have arisen: Quality of User Experience, Business Model Research, Standards and best practice and the need for regular analytics.

The MEF Mobile Video Initiative will address each of these areas in the coming months. It is our goal to work with our members and industry leaders to provide market intelligence and workable solutions for companies engaged in the creation and distribution of mobile video and to encourage widespread adoption of mobile video by consumers.


As part of this initiative, MEF has been working with KPMG to develop the mobile content portion of the KPMG Consumers and Convergence study. Some incredible new adoption numbers have been revealed, outlined in our recent Press Release.

The results from the Consumers & Convergence work will enable member companies to:

  •  Promote long-term growth by showing them the types of key customer information likely to drive demand for mobile video and the current state of the user experience
  • Develop business strategies for both short term and long term growth – the demographics to be targeted and the countries most receptive to consuming content
  • Identify potential for future opportunities based on stated usage and potential usage
  • Identify the market outlook and the inhibitors specific to mobile video
  • Identify content consumers are most willing to pay for in a variety of way spilt by demographics and by country 
  • Identify the likelihood of consumers to accept advertising in exchange for content according to demographics and countries

For a copy of the full MEF & KPMG Consumers & Convergence III report please click here


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