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MEF Asia Working Group - 11 November 2009 - Inaugural Meeting

During September 2009, members of the MEF Asia Board and MEF Secretariat undertook a Regulatory Tour of India, Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore, with the aim of helping our MEF Asia member companies to better understand the key regulatory issues that affect their businesses.

Following the success of the Regulatory tour, MEF established an Asia working group with the first meeting held on 11 November 2009. The Asia Working Group meets every 6 weeks, and provides companies with a forum for the discussion of specific issues and consultation for topics in individual territories, to produce consensus reports so that MEF can respond to issues and which can provide a platform for education.

Attendees of this first meeting participated in a general open discussion during which the following topics were raised:

  • Attendees have global presence where Asia is primary or secondary base – activities are not restricted to the Asia region, so issues which affect EMEA and Americas for example, are of interest
  • Enforcement of legislation by MNO’s – existing Codes are not properly enforced
  • MNO’s focus on issues other than premium rate services, such as music content
  • Ringback tones form one of the largest revenue sources in Malaysia 
  • Music distribution – how to ensure secure revenues / incomes
  • MEF regulatory database – MEF is seeking member contribution to build data
  • MEF is looking to run a minimum of 3 projects in South East Asia / India during 2010 – feedback and input invited from members as to what projects would be of benefit to them

This first meeting was held by audio conference so there are no presentations available.

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