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MEF Asia Working Group

Last event:

30 March 2011
MEF Asia Webinar: Apptastic Revenues - Can Apps Save your VAS in 2011?

Date of next event:
to be confimed

Please submit your suggestions for future discussion topics to Linda Ruck, MEF Asia General Manager.

Based on the feedback from our MEF Asia Regulatory Tour in September 2009, MEF has established a Working Group to consider, discuss and respond to Regulatory and other key industry issues that are impacting on your business strategies and bottom line.

The MEF Asia Working Group is open to companies based in the Indian Sub-Continent and South East Asia, or those who have an interest in establishing an operational base in this region.

Previous topics have included regulation in Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore and the UK, as well as presentations from leading analysts.

Archive of Previous Meetings

Additional Activites: M-Commerce Initiative in SE Asia

MEF published its Guide to M-Commerce in July 2010, written and produced in collaboration with an expert committee of MEF Members. It will help brands, content producers and retailers better understand how to leverage the mobile device to drive customer acquisition, retention and, most importantly, conversion.

The MEF M-Commerce is being undertaken on a local basis by the different Chapters to accomodate the range of services, solutions and opportunties available within different regions and individual territories.

MEF Asia launched its local M-Commerce Initiative in September 2010 and further details can be found here.

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