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MEF Asia M-Commerce Guide and Case Studies

M-Commerce business models across South East Asia vary significantly by market and the MEF Asia M-Commerce Guide will provide an essential primer for those wishing to better understand and invest into vibrant markets across South East Asia.

To successfully highlight and address these clear differences, the individual MEF member case studies provide an overview of the market challenges, how the company developed a product or service to meet a consumer need, insights into the business models and value chain which were used, and the success achieved with this approach. MEF is working with its members to highlight the specific business models that are proving successful  within these markets including banking the unbanked, migrant workers transferring money to their families, and pre-pay airtime sales and delivery.  

The first MEF Member Case Study is now available, from Tranglo on Mobile Money Transfer. You can download this at the link below: 

Tranglo Case Study

MEF launched its M-Commerce Initiative in early 2010, to address the rapid growth in the worldwide mobile commerce (M-Commerce) market place, which has been enabled by an increasing use of micro-payments. 

Due to the variety of services, solutions and opportunties which were becoming available within different regions and also individual territories, MEF launched this Initiative on a local basis, beginning with the North America Chapter.

The first stage of the Initiative, led by the North America Chapter, was exploratory, to identify and understand the opportunities available through M-Commerce. In July 2010, MEF published its Guide to M-Commerce, which was produced in collaboration with an expert committee of MEF Members, to help brands, content producers and retailers better understand how to leverage the mobile phone to drive customer acquisition, retention and most importantly conversion.

MEF Asia launched its local M-Commerce Initiative in September 2010 and established a Steering Committee, following an introductory webinar in August 2010.

MEF Asia M-Commerce Webinars

25 August 2010 - M-Commerce in SE Asia: Understanding the opportunities of today and tomorrow

15 December 2010 - Will the Power of the Mobile Wallet Empower the World's Fastest Growing Economies?

30 March 2011Apptastic Revenues: Will Apps save your VAS in 2011?

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