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December 1: MEF North America Launches M-Commerce Initiative Focused on Security and Privacy of Mobile Payments

December 2010 - Will the Mobile Wallet Empower the World's Fastest Growing Economies?

September 2010 - MEF establishes a Steering Committee to expand its M-Commerce Initiative into Asia

August 2010 - MEF Asia holds its first M-Commerce webinar to explore the opportunities for brands, content owners and retailiers through M-Commerce in SE Asia: Understanding the opportunities of today and tomorrow

July 2010 - MEF M-Commerce Guide is now available

MEF North America Initiative: led by Impact Mobile, RIM and Netbiscuits

Vision and Scope
Mobile commerce (M-Commerce) is built on several key technologies. Some are very well established, others are much newer and less common. Traditional means of consumers paying for content and the use of the mobile for paying for services is changing. The market is demanding leadership in Mobile Commerce. The recession, advances in mobile banking and rumblings of NFC are all raising interest in M-Commerce.

The MEF M-Commerce initiative, launched by MEF America in early 2010, began with an exploratory first phase. The goal of phase one was to produce an M-Commerce Guide, written through consultation with leading industry players.

Initiative objectives
This Initiative is not about technology but about the commercial aspects of M-Commerce. The objectives of this initiative have been:


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