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- Unlocking Your Network Assets to Improve the User Experience (March 2011)
- Understanding the challenges and opportunities of Network Enabling Services (March 2010)
- Increasing ROI through Future Content Distribution Models (October 2009)
- An introduction to the MEF Smart Pipe Enablers Initiative (July 2009)  

The MEF Enablers Initiative, which is being led by the BBC, mBlox, Orange, Telefonica O2, and Vodafone, aims to educate the market on the use of enablers or APIs and brings together the different players in the mobile entertainment value chain to promote the rapid implementation of a coherent and workable model for “smart pipe” enabling services. Its ultimate objectives include: 

  • The implementation by operators of a coherent and market-focused set of smart-pipe enabling services, based on standards which fully recognise the needs of the content community.
  • The implementation of the “smart pipes” model by the large majority of operators, to ensure that the mobile entertainment community can rely on complete operator coverage in its core markets.
  • The enthusiastic uptake of newly-available enabling services by content and service providers, so as to encourage operators to implement the broadest range of enabling services.

We have now held three successful webinars on this topic. At our first webinar, key speakers from O2, Vodafone, GSMA and mBlox outlined the initiative, opportunities for industry through commercialisation of APIs and what is happening in the market.

Our second webinar examined the reality, with representatives from the BBC, Yell and Gracenote explaining how the smart enabler services currently provided by network operators allow them to deliver contact with increased relevancy and reliability. Xora gave a live demonstration of a mobile application that is using these ‘smart enablers’ to market and deliver content in a more engaging manner for the end consumer.

Senior executives from Telefonica O2 and Vodafone outlined opportunities for the creation of compelling end-user products through the co-creation of services by consumers and developers, as well as commercial opportunities.

The third and final webinar in our series explored the challenges and opportunities facing the industry in a network enabled market. Speakers from mBlox and MX Telecom explored new business models (Sender Pays, Crediting) while the BBC highlighted how specific enablers can be used to create an enhanced consumer experience.

Senior executives from Telefonica O2 and Vodafone reviewed enablers being launched and discussed how content players can create compelling end-user products and gain meaningful data to improve offerings to consumers by exploring the opportunity for consumers and developers to work together in the development process as well as commercial opportunities.

The culmination of the enablers initiative is the MEF Member Guide to Enabling Services, being produced in association with Ovum. There was an overview of the Guide given on the webinar, which will deliver vital use cases and in depth quantitative and qualitative industry data. If you want to participate in this authoritative Framework for Networking Enabling Services, please check the content submission process.

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