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In June 2010, MEF Global completed the first phase of its Enablers Initiative with the publication of the MEF Guide to Smart Enablers, which was written in collaboration and through consultation with leading industry players.

During the course of the Initiative, MEF held a series of events which charted the course of the project, including two closed-door round table sessions and three webinars. Further details about the webinars and the presentations and recordings can be obtained here.

Next steps

MEF Global is now moving into the second phase of its Initiative which will see us exploring the enabler ecosystem in more detail, incorporating the following areas:

  • Market sizing – assessing the value of different enabling services
  • Mapping the enabler ecosystem
  • Industry alignment – what enablers does industry want, what is available across operators or from different providers, etc

MEF invites those members who have both previously participated, and those new to this Initiative, to join the Steering Committee. Please contact Miranda for further details. 

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