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Webinar: Driving Mobile Security Standards in M-Commerce - 24 May 2011

Date: 24 May 2011
Time: 9am West Coast / 12pm East Coast / 5pm UK

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Trust and familiarity are crucial in driving adoption of mobile payments, according to a new study by GfK NOP. It reveals that consumers, including those in the US, are looking for the trust of a financial brand and familiarity of a mobile brand before they feel comfortable adopting a mobile payment service supplier.

In order to directly address this need, MEF has joined with ASC X9, the US technical group that develops financial industry standards, to develop privacy & security standards for M-Commerce.

This launch webinar will set out why security is so important for the growth of M-Commerce and outline the work that MEF and ASC X9 will deliver together.

Our goal is to create the consumer and merchant confidence necessary for the mobile to develop as the device to enable commerce.

We invite retailers, brands, financial institutions and leaders in the mobile ecosystem to join the development of privacy & security standards for M-Commerce.

Confirmed Speakers

  • Jeff Stapleton, X9F4 Working Group Chair at ASC X9 Inc
  • Gary Schwartz, MEF North America Chair and CEO, Impact Mobile
  • Darin Contini, Project Editor / Secretary, ISO TC68/SC7 / WG10 Mobile Banking and Payments Group
  • Sanjaya Krishna, Principal, KPMG LLP
  • Suhail Bhat, Policy & Initiatives Director, MEF

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About X9

ASC X9, Inc. operates under its own procedures as well as those prescribed and approved by the American National Standards Institute. Presently, ASC X9 operates 4 technical subcommittees and 20-to-30 technical working groups that develop financial industry technical standards and guidelines. ASC X9 is the USA Technical Advisory Group (TAG) to the International Technical Committee on Financial Services (TC68) under the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), of Geneva, Switzerland. In this role, X9 holds the USA vote on all ISO standards of TC 68 or its subcommittees SC2, SC4, SC6 and SC7.  ASC X9 standards are widely used and recognized. Many X9 standards are either cited or required by the Federal government for use in financial procedures and transactions. In addition, X9 standards are the basis for many international standards used in facilitating global commerce.

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