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Asia Mobile Advertising & Marketing Conference - Sept 14-15, Singapore

Companies are increasingly leveraging on mobile phones as a viable channel to target consumers. What we see today is the growth of mobile marketing & advertising which is fuelled by improvement in mobile devices from hand phones, mobile TV, search engines and web-based advertisements as well as greater internet penetration, faster broadband, technology and more sophisticated mobile phones. It will be of business interests in times when sales revenues are low to explore the current mobile marketing and advertising market and also to evaluate the different methods companies in the region (especially Hong Kong and Singapore with higher mobile capability) are using to effectively leverage it as a platform to enhance advertising efforts, step up brand awareness and increase sales effectiveness.

The Asia Mobile Advertising & Marketing Conference will address issues on major areas of mobile marketing, including SMS and MMS marketing, Web (including text & banner), mobile search and mobile TV advertising.

Event Information

Conference: Asia Mobile Advertising & Marketing
Date: 14-15 September 2009
Venue: Conrad Centennial Hotel
Country: Singapore

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Organized by Asia Business Forum

Contact Person: Shirley

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