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Initiatives & Policy Work

Initiatives are how we get things done. 
MEF brings together industry
leaders via a programme of initiatives to collectively progress industry opportunities, track trends and tackle industry challenges.

We actively encourage all full MEF Members to propose initiatives that will dynamically grow the mobile entertainment industry.

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MEF initiatives have achieved the following:

  • Supported the launch of standards-based mobile DRM solutions.
  • Exposed key industry opportunities and challenges and produced White Papers on a variety of topics including Mobile Entertainment Scenarios, UGC and mDRM.
  • Conducted extensive industry consultations on AFME, Search and Discovery, Content Sales Reporting Initiatives.  
  • Warned the industry that a lack of effective mDRM would cost 3.5billion Euros a year (Frost Sullivan Report-2006).
  • Agreed a definition for ‘realtones’.

For more information on MEF initiatives, contact Suhail Bhat, MEF's Policy and Initiatives Director  

Initiative Updates

MEF is currently drafting Enablers Guide
Content Sales Reporting webinar planned for Q2 2010
MEF's response to PpP consultation for their Business Plan and Budget 2009/10
MEF's response to PpP consultation on 'Mobile Phone-paid Services and their Marketing'

MWC '09 Initiatives Workshop slide presentation

Ad-funded Entertainment 
Since Feb 08, MEF has produced reports on the impact of AFME in the UK, France, US. and India

Mobile Social Networking
MeM: May 08 - MEF launches initiative on mobile social networking in 5 territories simultaneously

Policy Updates

PhonepayPlus Consultation
July 17 - Read about the PpP consultation on changes to subscription rules

Unfair Commercial Trading Regulations
May 08 - MEF publishes briefing on the impact of this new legislation

Byron Review
May 08 - MEF publishes briefing on the results and implications of the Byron Review report

Telecoms Reform Package
April 08 - MEF publishes briefing on the development of new proposals from the EC

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