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Netsize Group is a global leader for mobile business and entertainment solutions. Netsize helps companies implement wireless services aimed at maximising revenues, improving brand awareness, optimising business efficiency and developing public services.

Netsize provides direct network connectivity for promotion, distribution and billing of mobile content and services over a range of channels including SMS, Wap, GRPS, 3G, etc. and the revenue sharing deals it has put in place with more than 100 mobile operators around the world cover over 1.1 billion billable mobile users.

Netsize customers benefit from its global wireless network infrastructure, billing support and local presence in 23 countries helping them deliver global mobile content, applications and services quickly and efficiently.

Netsize products and services include a Global Mobile Billing Service, Messaging Platforms, Mobile Marketing Solutions, Content Management Platforms, Mobile Portal Design, Machine2Machine Messaging Solutions, Wireless Telematics Platforms, Mobile CRM Solutions, Hosting, Service Management, Professional Services and Technical Consulting.

Founded in 1998, Netsize employs 200 professionals who serve more than 800 customers.


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