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With the dramatic advances in information technology (IT), the broadband network infrastructure has spread at a dramatic pace. At the same time, the demand for music and visual content has grown, making possible the development of a multilateral and diversified entertainment industry. In the face of these developments, the AVEX GROUP underwent drastic organizational change in April 2005. It expanded from its mainstay business focused chiefly on music package sales, into web distribution and visual content production, thus becoming an all-around entertainment company covering a wide spectrum of entertainment business.

The Group established a local subsidiary in Taiwan in 1998 and another in Hong Kong in 2002 in order to find local artists, and has succeeded in producing a large number of hits. Under the Group’s current mid-term vision “to evolve into the ‘Entertainment Brand Company’ with the strongest creative and communication capabilities in Asia, “AVEX has taken its first step to enter the mainland China market by establishing AVEX CHINA in Beijing.

The company looks forward to creating hits and trends not only in Japan, but reaching into China, South Korea and the rest of Asia. We ask that you follow this company’s development, as it moves forward in its business growth with a speed that only AVEX can realize.  

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